My domestic dilemma with dishes

I considered myself a domestic goddess. I have never had any complaints about my cleaning, home making and especially not about the food I cook. Until now, my partners have been more than satisfied by the bliss they have experienced, first hand.

And then, I met “The One”. It’s something I have never believed in particularly. Until I recently met my man. And so , in getting to know each other, we both realised that we enjoy culinary activities. He is a major food preparer. He thouroughly enjoys cutting veggies up into perfect little squares. I tend to cut into big assymetrical chunks – you should work for your food you know. And naturally, my man took on the role of chef in our home. I feel the urge to cook for him every so often, and I do it with the best of intentions. The problem comes in, when he doesn’t make a single comment about how ‘yummy’ or ‘delish’ any of my dishes are. And it actually offends me that he does not feel satisfied after one of my specialities.

Take for instance “Perrin’s Pie” – something I recently invented (sure it’s not the first time anyone has ever done this, but it was the first time I had done it). The idea was to layer onions, peas, carrots, pieces of fish, topped with mashed sweet potatoe and some cheese. Once it had been in the oven for a decent amount of time ( almost golden on the top) I decided that my partner looked more than ravenous and it was time for him to eat.

And voila! My masterpiece was complete.
Cue the oohs and ahhs from my honey saying how he was the luckiest man on earth.

We both ate in silence. He was not impressed.
And my little heart sank.

He usually has seconds and thirds (big boys usually do eat truck loads)
That night, he ate less than I.

Perrin's attempt at a fish pie

And then, he did the thing that no man really should do. He offered advice. I realise that he simply doesn’t want to have a sentence of a lifetime looming over his head where bad meals will be the order of every second day.

But still, he could have just bitten that fishy bullet, and smiled, because now, now he is going to get every experimental pie I make, until I get the darn thing right!



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