A new generation of Halloe’en

We are not extremely large on Halloe’en in South Africa, but I know that that is very broadly speaking.
There are certain boomed off areas that go all out to town. They have predetermined houses that agree to hand out sweeties and then those houses will be dresses according to the gorey theme. SOme moms will then march there children along the planned route and the kids but love it.

There are also the goths. They have parties in the streets and at certain clubs. Last year, we went to the club (The Doors in Edenvale) that is renowned for being the place where the alternatives, the oddballs and the wierdos go (although, back in the day, the real wierdos did hang out there, now it has simply become the hang out for these hipsters who think that emo is a real statement, who presume they are the start of the revolution, the same youth who recon they are the generation with all the dang answers and who, in actual fact, deserve a good clap for back chatting and just generally being cheeky)
I digress, the point is, that in spite of the popularity of Halloe’en growing, something is still amiss.

And that is why this year, I am going to go on a Mystery Ghost Bus Tour. We will start off with a pub meal (how unsuspecting) and then we will journey through the heart of Jozi (to which a night trip in itself on any ordinary night can be rather exhilarating) and then we will perform goul tests and energy field tests in cemetaries and haunted hotels etc….

The EXACT details of the tour are rather sketchy which only heightens the spooky factor. Anyway, I’m going to quickly book my ticket online before I chicken out. Chicken is what those youths at The Doors are going to be; chicken should be tucked up in bed, dreaming of a time when they really can be as opinionated as all that!

Check out the details of the tour.



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