65 Cumberland, The Wesley Boutique Hotel, Bryanston, Johannesburg

One of our little kitten girls, Lulu, is undergoing a change of life (as my mom would say).  In light of this fact, she is flopping around a lot and calling the attentions of the naughty tom cats of the neighbourhood.

Consequently, the toms are making plenty of noise at all of our windows.  Not only are we lacking ventilation during this time where South Africa is being subjected to Solar Flares, but we also find ourselves counting sheep to the chorus of a thousand off-key meeuws.

My partner is constantly furious, muttering how my cats are driving him up the wall.  And I am constantly reminding him how they are our cats and it is only nature so he might as well relax (note to self: demanding that a tired man understand, as well as be patient with a girl (human or non) who is experiencing that time of the month; is asking for a moody man).

In order to preserve my man’s sanity, I purchased a ping pong toy hand gun in an attempt to ward off the tom’s attentions.  Unfortunately, the trajectory was so unimpressive that the toms looked at me with humour in their eyes, and only after a pregnant pause, did they high tail it out of the vicinity.

Of all the infuriations.   So when it came to deciding on a gift for my man, a night away from all our drama seemed like a great idea.

We went to The Wesley Boutique Hotel in Bryanston for a birthday surprise getaway night. It was spectacular and decently priced too. We enjoyed the big bath, the Honesty Bar where the onus is on you to serve and record your own drinks, the free dvds and the divine breakfast the next morning.

My man was particularly impressed with the size of the bed and how it impacted his much needed sleep.  Unfortunately for me, I suffered from insomnia as I was too worried about the girls and if they were ok with no mom and dad to bother during the wee hours of the morning.


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