Neighbourgoods Market

We recently ventured into the city of Joburg one Saturday morning.  It was spectacular as the weather was warm, our spirits were high and we had some bucks to blow at the market.

Destination Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein.

The Neighbourgoods Market started in Cape Town and, because of it’s success, was brought to Egoli and appears to have hit the ground running.  For more info go to

There is a vast amount of food on the lower level of this parking lot market and the clothing and homeware is on the upper level.

We were particularly interested in the food goods due to our own crafts in the pickling world of food.  Even though there were no pickles to speak of, there still was a lot of variety to accompany the pickles (who knows, maybe our little pickle store will be there next month).

Produce included fresh and dried mushrooms, cheeses, breads, meats, beers and wines, herbs ready to plant in your own garden and honey with its by-products.  The prepared foods were so delightful that we had more than one breakfast.  Prego rolls, hamburgers, choritzo bagettes, curries, prawn tempura, organic fried eggs, spanish paella, oysters finished off with ice and homemade cupcakes or raw chocolate bark with pistaccio.

I concluded that the mushrooms were grown and picked in a fashion that ensured that no fairys were harmed during the process.

Hooray for fairy friendly food.

We didn’t try the oysters and champagne even though the idea tickled us pink.

We did end up having biltong and beer for breakfast – wicked.

Here is the Bob’s Your Uncle Wine that we bought as an engagement gift for our friends Chantelle and Andre.

We ate ourselves into a country comma.  It was truely worth it as we were supporting fellow Joburgers in the renewed Braamfontein.

Will definately make a plan to go again to ensure I give the industrious designers from the second floor their chance to shine.

Happy P!


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