Get down to being happy.

We seem to live in a negative society that is trying to force itself in the wrong direction, within an abused and worn environment.

People rant and rave in order to out-do each other.  They have lost their care for mankind.  The notion of ‘love thy neighbour’ seems buried in one of the chapters of a Bible.  Agape and Philos seem to have crashed down with one of Zeus’ thunder bolts and the hills seem to have creepy eyes more than the sound of music.

Many of my friends are suffering from depression and anxiety.  I can get extremely blue (ask my family) but my aim with PerrinPopPea is to highlight the silver lining. 

We shalt not dwell on the fact that tax sumissions are compulsory, that education usually comes in the form of a wallop, and that gravity has its own way with one’s body… Nay, we shall smile in spite of, because as we all know, a smile uses fewer muscles than a frown does.

The onus is on each and everyone of us to live the peace and to express the love.  If I can spread a little ray of happiness, then my job here is done.

True Beauty, Freedom, Peace, and above all Love, can be found and generated everywhere.


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